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Risk Disclaimer

Last Updated On: 8 Jan 2024

Please read this disclaimer ("Risk Disclaimer") carefully before using the Kamoto.AI website, app, or APIs. The following Risk Disclaimer outlines the potential risks involved in creating, managing and utilizing virtual AI personalities and should be understood and accepted by all Users.

Personal Responsibility: By using the Kamoto.AI Platform, you expressly acknowledge that the creation, training, and monetization of AI personalities involve inherent risks. You expressly agree and acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that the AI personalities you create on/using the Kamoto.AI Platform comply with all applicable legal and ethical standards and do not infringe upon the rights of other Users.

Data Security: While we take extensive measures to protect your data and ensure the security of the Kamoto.AI Platform, there is always a risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, or other security vulnerabilities. We recommend implementing additional security measures and regularly backing up your data to mitigate these risks. We shall not be liable for any loss, corruption, damage, use or misuse, unauthorized access or use of your data.

User Conduct: Users are solely responsible for their interactions with AI personalities created through Kamoto.AI. We do not endorse or guarantee the behavior, accuracy, or reliability of any AI personalities, and any reliance on their responses or actions is solely at your own risk and we shall not assume any liability whatsoever in relation to your reliance on the responses of the AI personality in any manner.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance: You expressly agree and acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that the use and monetization of AI personalities created through Kamoto.AI Platform comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and licensing requirements in your jurisdiction. We are not responsible for any legal consequences resulting from the use or misuse of AI personalities under any circumstances.

Third-Party Integration: Kamoto.AI provides API integration capabilities for third-party applications. However, we cannot guarantee the functionality, security, or compatibility of these integrations, and any risks associated with third-party applications are outside our control.

Financial Risks: Monetizing AI personalities involves financial transactions and entering into agreements with Users. We strongly advise you to exercise caution and conduct proper due diligence when entering into any rental or licensing agreements for the monetization of any AI personalities. We recommend seeking professional advice to mitigate any associated financial risks.

No liability: By using the Kamoto.AI Platform, you agree to accept and bear all risks associated with the use of the Services through the Platform, including the creation, training, and monetization of AI personalities. We strongly advise Users to conduct thorough research, exercise good judgment, and seek legal and financial guidance when necessary. Kamoto.AI and its team shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising from the use of this Platform and you waive and release us from all responsibility or liability, arising from or connected with your use or reliance on the AI as provided by the Platform.

By using the Kamoto.AI Platform, you signify your express consent and agreement to the terms of this Risk Disclaimer and all other policies of Kamoto.AI as available on our website (including any amendments and changes thereof).

Please note that this Risk Disclaimer is subject to change and may be updated periodically. Users are advised to review this Risk Disclaimer regularly and ensure compliance with any revised terms and conditions thereof.