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  • Basic Options
  • User Inbox
  • Train by Chat
  • 1M Token Quota
  • 3D Avatar
  • Monetize AI Character
  • Social Accounts of AI Character
  • 50% Commission on Revenue




Best for Individuals

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  • Everything in Free
  • Advance Customization options
  • 3 Team Members
  • Train by Chat & Link
  • 3M Token Quota
  • Stock Voices (Talking 3D Avatar)
  • Monetize via Chat
  • Blue Tick
  • Chat Widgets
  • Auto Generate Social Posts
  • Auto Schedule Social Posts
  • Email & Chat Support
  • 30% Commission on revenue
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Best for Enterprises & Agencies

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  • Everything in Starter
  • Advance Customization options
  • 10 Team Members
  • Train by Private Data or File
  • 6M Tokens Quota
  • Higher included quota in voice & Avatar
  • Hyper-realistic Talking Avatar
  • Cloned Voice
  • Monetize via Chat & APIs
  • Chat Widgets
  • Auto Generate Social Posts
  • Auto Schedule Social Posts
  • Professional Zoom Support
  • 20% Commission on revenue
Free Starter Professional Enterprise
Basic Option Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advance Options No Yes Yes Yes
Social Accounts of AI Personality Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto-generating Social Posts by AI Personality No Yes Yes Yes
Auto-scheduling Social Posts by AI Personality No Yes Yes Yes
Team Members 1 3 10 Custom
User Inbox Yes Yes Yes Yes
Train AI Personality By Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Training Chats 5 20 50 Custom
Train AI Personality by Public Links No Yes Yes Yes
Number of Public Links - 5 20 Custom
Train AI Personality By Private Docs & Data No No Yes Yes
Number of Private Data - - 30 Custom
Allowed File Size - - 2 MB Custom
Conversation & Chat
Chat & Conversation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Token Quota Included 1M 3M 6M Custom
Overage Charges 1M for $5 1M for $4.5 1M for $4 Custom
Avatar & Visuals
3D Avatar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hyper-realistic Avatar No No Yes Yes
Hyper-realistic Avatar Minutes - - 10 Mins Yes
Hyper-realistic Avatar Minutes Overage Charges - - $125 for 100 Mins Custom
Voice & Audio
Make Your AI Personality Speak No Yes Yes Yes
With Stock Voice No Yes Yes Yes
Stock Voices Usage Quota Included - 1M Characters 3M Characters Custom
Overage Charges - 1M for $5 1M for $5 Custom
With Your Own Voice Clone No No Yes Custom
Cloned Voice Usage Quota Included - - 20k Characters Custom
Overage Charges - - 100k for $27.5 Custom
Monetize your AI personalities by Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monetize your AI personalities by APIs No No Yes Yes
Access to API for integration No No Yes Yes
Priority in AI Personality Marketplace Listings No No Yes Yes
Badge in Marketplace Listing No Yes Yes Yes
Featured Listing No No Yes Yes
Read Chat History of AI Personality No No Yes Yes
Commission on Revenue 50% 30% 20% Custom
Access to Help Center Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email support No Yes Yes Yes
Chat Support No No Yes Yes
Video Call Support No No Yes Yes

Do you have questions? We have you covered!

Kamoto.AI is a unique AI platform that allows users to create, train, and monetize their virtual AI characters or personalities. It offers various applications, from personal use to professional integration across various industries.

With Kamoto.AI, creating an AI character or personality is a simple, user-friendly process. Even without technical expertise, you can design and customize your AI character or personality through our intuitive interface. Then, you use structured data to train your AI to behave and respond as you desire.

Kamoto.AI offers a unique AI Character marketplace where you can rent out your AI character or personality to other users per usage. You can also license your AI persona if you're a celebrity, sports person, or influencer, providing a new avenue for fan engagement and income.

Yes, Kamoto.AI provides APIs for easily integrating your AI character or personality into any app. This allows businesses and developers to offer personalized and enhanced experiences for their app users.

At Kamoto.AI, we prioritize user privacy and security. We comply with all relevant data protection regulations and use state-of-the-art security measures to ensure your data is secure. We only use your data to enhance your experience and the functionality of your AI personality, and we never share your data without your explicit consent.

At Kamoto.AI, we ensure that all voice and likeness rights are respected. Only authorized representatives, such as celebrities or their legally authorized agents, can create and license AI characters or personalities of public figures.

Yes, Kamoto.AI allows you to train and improve your AI character or personality continuously. You can make adjustments to refine its behavior and responses, ensuring it continues to meet your needs and preferences.

No. You can create as many AI characters or personalities as you want. Each AI character or personality has a different subscription plan. You can always start with a Free plan and upgrade if needed. Please refer to our pricing page or contact our support team.

Kamoto.AI can be used by game developers to create unique non-player characters (NPCs) for a more immersive and engaging player experience. By integrating our API, you can bring AI characters or personalities into your games to interact with players in various ways.

Kamoto.AI provides a comprehensive support system for its users. Our dedicated support team is available to assist with any issues or questions. We also provide resources such as tutorials and guides to help you get the most out of our platform.

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Use Kamoto.AI to monetize your reach, community & influence with Generative AI